Presentation Award at 4th CONSERT Meeting

January 2008

At the 4th Meeting of CONSERT1 in Leukerbad (Switzerland) GrK-1172-stipendiary Christian Brendel received the Presentation Award („runners up“) for his presentation2. The comparatively small, but top-class meeting of the consortium, in which 17 European research institutions (among those Dr. Manuel Grez from Georg-Speyer-Haus), four specialized small companies and one patient-interest organisation are participating enjoys a good standing in gene therapy. That is why Dr. Manuel Grez is eminently proud of his successful doctoral candidate.

1: CONSERT – “Concerted Safety and Efficiency Evaluation of Retroviral Transgenesis for Gene Therapy of Inherited Diseases”

2: Titel: "UCOE Mediates Copy Number Dependent Expression of
gp91-phox in a Lentiviral Vector"