Best Poster and Best Presentation at WIRM Came from GRK1172

25th march 2009

At WIRM, the World Immune Regulation Meeting, in Switzerland’s Davos at the end of March GRK1172’s Cornelia Richter was able to be awarded to two prizes. This years WIR-Meeting was based on „Regulatory and Effector Mechanisms“ and Cornelia Richter received not only the prize of „Nature Reviews in Immonology“ for the best poster1 but additionally the „Abcam Best Presentation Award“ for her presentation2. After such great success Professor Heinfried Radeke as well as the whole GRK1172 is very proud of his student.

1: Title: „P47phox as an Important Modulator of IL-12p70 in Dendritic Cells and the Consequences for the Th1-Response“

2: Title: „IL-23 Regulation by P47phox in Bone-Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells and Their Impact on the Th17-Response“