Foreign PhD students of the GRK1172 explore Mainz

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11th october 2008

Exploratory spirit wakened:
Foreign PhD students of the GRK1172 explore Mainz

A relation to real life was from day one the receipe for success of the German class in the GRK1172. Now it was time to practise the German language outside of the usual environment..

Destination Mainz

Mainz presented itself as an optimal destination for the foreign PhD students of the GRK1172 as the city is in close proximity to Frankfurt and can be reached without further costs with the semester-ticket of the Geothe-University. Mainz is the capital of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, and almost none of the students knew the city already.

Many Highlights

Not only as capital of Rhineland-Palatinate and university city Mainz is an ideal destination for a day trip. There are also

historical sights such as the Mainzer Dom (Cathedral), which was an important focus of secular and religious powers in the past, and the Chagall-Windows, the only cooperation of the Jewish artist Marc Chagall with the Roman-Catholic church in Germany after 1945. The central railway station which was at its opening at the end of the 19th century the largest in Europe, and a completely restored inner city centre with its foundations in the 12th century, captivated the GRK1172 PhD students.

Great Interest

The originally three hours of the city tour with a German-speaking guide turned out to be much too short. The interest in the city and its approximate 260.000 inhabitants and their cheerful nature grew with each newly discovered building and with each anecdote in particular to the moving history of Mainz since the beginning of WWII to the almost complete destruction and division of the allied forces. The group spent in total eight hours in Mainz and plans for the next city tour and also other city travels. Exploratory spirit for culture could be felt and brought Germany a bit closer.