GRK1172 German Lessons – in touch with reality

24th may 2008

German lessons in touch with reality:
Foreign students of the GRK1172 have practical experience

Almost 2 months after the start of the GRK1172 German course for its foreign, non-German speaking PhD students, it was time to bring the learned knowledge into reality. The warm sunshine in May even invited to a pleasant German lesson in the courtyard of the Georg-Speyer-Haus.

Tests in the supermarket

Unanimously, the participants had decided on a shared breakfast. However sitting at a laid out table and putting butter on the rolls – that cannot be done without language skills. So, shopping lists were written and the next supermarket called on to buy the required foods. This meant also to come into close contact with so far foreign things. In particular for all those belonging to a different religion, it was important to know which food items could be placed on the menu, and so the group’s walk to the supermarket suddenly opened up new possibilities.

German Bread

Germany is a country with almost 1000 different types of bread and rolls. A multiple of what can be found in other countries. Of course this staple food could not be missing, ten different types of bread and rolls, including wholemeal bread, sunflower bread, Pretzel type rolls, potato bread and sour dough breads such as farmhouse bread. Fresh from the bakery, the breads invited to tasting and despite the large quantities bought, there were no left-overs. Each of the nine participants was proud of his/her new experiences and also to be able to buy some other bread rather than toast all the time and not having to take something unfamiliar.

Language expended by communication

Not only in the supermarket and the explanation of the different types of bread demanded the first German language knowledge of the GRK1172 students, also the dialogue at the breakfast table was in German. In an informal talk could one test the new words and expressions just learnt and talk about topics outside the German lessons. “That is something we absolutely have to do again” – they all agreed heartily.