GRK1172 launches a German course for foreign PhD students

april 2008

German announced on Saturdays:
GRK1172 launches a German course for foreign PhD students

Not only research but also life and the cultural interaction are important parts of the GRK1172. For this reason, Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer and Prof. Dr. Josef Pfeilschifter, the speakers of the research training group, decided to have a German course for the foreign PhD students of the GRK1172.

Overcoming language barriers

Once a week on Saturdays, the young scientists deal in addition to their lab work with the German language and the country in which they came to fo a PhD. Learning together at A1-level shall also help to bring about a feeling of togetherness despite all language barriers.

Englisch as basis

From countries all over the world GRK1172 PhD students come, including China, India, Pakistan and Yemen to name a few. World and science language English as basis enables the communication among different cultures and the learning of a new language. The hopes of the participants of the course are however quite different: from day-to-day situation in a restaurant or supermarket to the understanding of and participating in discussions of German collegues to the perfect use of the German language.

Theory and realisation

Next to the mainly theoretical part of the course, i.e. learning German with its not so simple grammar , practical parts shall be included. This shall not only test the new knowledge but shall demonstrate the actual aim of the course.