Visit of the thermal springs in Bad Nauheim

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02nd august 2008

Sprudelhof opens bath houses:
PhD students of the GRK1172 started to the first excursion with their German class

At the weekend, Bad Nauheim was on the curriculum of the GRK1172 German class. Together with guide Christine Kost the group went to the thermal springs in the Hessian spa town.

Guided tour through the Sprudelhof

The largest Art Noveau bath facilities lured course participants to Bad Nauheim, and a walk through the leavy spa gardens brought a bit of cooling on a hot summer’s day.

Applied Geography

The participants enjoyed the 5 hour excursion which brought geographical and cultural aspects with Art Noveau, thermal springs, salt mining and spa culture into class. Also the fact of getting out of Frankfurt for a change and getting to know Germany

was a very valuable experience for the GRK 1172 PhD students from abroad.

Bath hourses opened

On one’s own, the visit of the Sprudelhof would have been far less easy as the bath houses are usually closed to the public and can only be visited with a guided tour. For the GRK1172 PhD students, the Sprudelhof opened four bath houses, each with different artistic themes, which fascinate the visitors with their own characteristics.

And lunch „in Italy“

Although all PhD students came from non-European countries, they all knew exactly what they wanted for lunch: pizza and spaghetti! The German influence in regard to the adaption to the traditional Italian cuisine was already clear. After the meal, Christine Kost has a special surprise: the “climbing” of the Johannisberg, a hill from which the PhD students had a grand view onto Friedberg and the skyline of Frankfurt some 35km away.