German Class of the GRK1172 starts into the A2-round

01st november 2008

Language strengthens collaboration:
German Class of the GRK1172 starts into the A2-round

After 6 months existence of the German class of the GRK1172, it has been established as an excellent means to strengthen the scientific network by a higher assertiveness in a foreign country. This led Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer and Prof. Dr. Josef Pfeilschifter, the speakers of the GRK1172, to the conclusion that the German class should certainly be continued to A2-level. As before, during the lecture period of the semester, each Saturday there will be a 3 hours German course.

Communication simplified

The course has helped those most who work in a predominately German-speaking lab environment, where co-workers speak in their native tongue. By now, all scholarship holders of the GRK1172 can participate in these conversations, which greatly helps the interpersonal relationships and it therefore has also improved the communication concering problems at work and strengthened the collaborations.