Scientific Meeting at the Cistercian Abbey Arnsburg

14th to 16th september 2006

Second meeting behind abbey walls:
Summer School of the GRK1172 from September 14th to 16th, 2006, shows first successes of the young programme

This weekend the second scientific meeting, the „Summer School“, of the DFG-funded research training group (GRK) 1172 of the Goethe-University took place at the conference centre of Arnsburg Abbey near Lich. The GRK1172 started in Summer 2005 and addresses the research, development and safety of biopharmaceutical drugs (biologicals).

Visible progress

Focus of the GRK1172 meeting was the extensive presentation by the 23 PhD students of their current research projects and the result so far obtained. As in the previous year, the projects were

discussed later in the established “Thesis Committees” consisting of the main supervisor and two further senior members (docents) of the GRK1172 as co-supervisors. Next useful steps for the project as well as possible problems and their solutions were debated. Very importantly, the clearly visible progresses in the first year were recognised and appreciated.

Furthermore lectures by external speakers were included in the meeting’s programme, with the idea of having experts from outside there as further education of the PhD students. Dr. Armin Bender of the hospital Krankenhaus Nordwest in Frankfurt presented new findings for the immune therapy of certain cancer types. Prof. Christoph Baum of the Hannover Medical School reported on improved viral vectors for gene therapy with decreased risk for mutations. A special benefit was the animated and very helpful discussions of the guest speakers with the GRK1172 PhD students about their projects.