Scientific Communications at Arnsburg Abbey

04th and 05th november 2005

Support for scientific exchange:
First Retreat of the GRK1172 "Biologicals" from November 4th to 5th, 2005, was a raving success

For two days, 20 PhD students together with their supervisors held the first retreat of the GRK1172 at Arnsburg Abbey near Lich. The DFG-funded research training group 1172 at the Goethe-University Frankfurt was established in summer 2005 and addresses the research, development and safety of biopharmaceutical drugs (biologicals).

Platform for Exchange

Main aims of the retreat were the first shared meeting of all PhD students of the GRK1172 to get to know each other, the scientific exchange and the establishing of contacts. The scholarship holders of the GRK1172 presented their PhD projects in 15 minute talks and could in most cases already announce promising results. Subsequently a animated discussion followed with PhD students and supervisors alike. In a smaller circle, the “Thesis Committee” met for the first time. The Thesis Committee consists of the main supervisor and two c-supervisors (selected from the docents of the GRK1172) as contact persons to support the PhD student in his/her project. The meeting of the GRK1172 was an optimal and well-used platform for intensive discussions about the new programme and for a very helpful motivation for further scientific research.

Base of GRK1172

The speaker of the GRK1172 Prof. Dr. Josef Pfeilschifter (Pharmazentrum, Goethe-University Hospital, Frankfurt) and the coordinator of the GRK1172 Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer (Georg-Speyer-Haus Frankfurt) gave a introduction into the organisation, aims and teaching programme offered and described the tasks of PhD students and supervisors. Prof. Dr. Heinfried Radeke (Pharmazentrum, Goethe-University Hospital, Frankfurt) and Dr. Ulrike Köhl (Paediatric Clinic of the Goethe-University Hospital) introduced the infrastructure, the equipment and the spectrum of methodological expertise available in the institutions participating in the GRK1172. Indispensible was the introduction into good scientific practice according to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) which was given by Prof. Dr. Winfried Wels (Georg-Speyer-Haus Frankfurt). Towards the end of the first GRK1172 retreat, the PhD students elected Björn-Philipp Kloke to their PhD student speaker and contact person for overall questions.


Arnsburg Abbey was for two days the focus of scientific exchange and ambitious research projects. Meetings in this form shall take place regularly from now on, and the organisation of the next “Summer School” in the following year has already started.